Nature and Faith in Images and Words



It’s in every conversation that we seem to have each day

We have to comment on it no matter what we say

There are sayings all about it; we blame it for our ills.

Sometimes it makes us boiling hot and other times it chills

But the British are famous for it, so we’ll look at it this week

Each day will be quite different – on the weather I will speak.

Today we look at something that you cannot see or taste.

You cannot reach and touch it, nor can you smell or waste.

Yet it’s something all around us, it can vary quite a lot.

Man has tried to harness it to generate some watts.

Of course its wind we’re thinking of, we feel it every day.

And if you are a cyclist it can really make you sway.

We’ve learnt to do quite a lot with it. Fly kites, build windmills, and to sail.

But all of these are useless when the winds are light, or fail.

And yet we saw the power that the wind could bring to bear

When the hurricane struck us, then it is a thing to fear.

But we’re fascinated by its strength, and I need to know each day

By looking at the weather vane, which would be a sheltered bay.


Or when to light a bonfire to keep the neighbours sweet,

We’re grateful for a gentle breeze to soothe us in the heat.

We can’t touch God, or taste Him; we can’t see Him with our eye.

Yet like the wind we feel around us, we can feel Him if we try.

For He is all around us, with faith His presence know.


His purposes can be known to us, he simply says let go.