Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Where Two Worlds Met


The sun was high up in the sky

The sea was deepest blue.

My heart was set on swimming

In the summer that’s what I do.

Every lunch time off I go

To the seaside bathing pool

I’ve even gone in winter time

When I’ve oft been called a fool.

This time however was different

I saw new people there

My friends as yet had not arrived

These folk were debonair.

They were sat quite near to me

I could hear them as they spoke,

By clothes and conversation

They were very wealthy folk

One reached inside his pocket

Out came a mobile phone

And very soon was talking

In quite a secret tone

He began by saying about a certain date

The birthday of his wife was soon

So this couldn’t be too late

The present he was buying

Was not your usual kind

It was in fact a Mercedes Benz

That he had planned to find.

£30,000 pounds he said

Was what he had to spend

You could tell just by his voice

That this was no pretend

The deal was struck right there and then

The present had been bought

No mention of a bank loan

Or HP had even been sought.

This was a man of many means

And this was just a drop –

Of what was at his disposal

He didn’t have to stop –

To think of how much this cost him

Was the price he paid too high?

But as I sat and listened

The thought that came was “Why?”

The next day came, the scene had changed

Gone the man with his wealth.

A woman came with girl and babe

They all looked poor in health.

The clothes were old and shabby

The people tired and worn.

So different from the previous day

Where with silver spoon was born

I heard their conversation

‘Twas not about a car

But about the state of benefits

That hadn’t gone so far.

It was a daily struggle

Of how to make ends meet

Not thousands spent on presents

But rather what to eat

So how the contrasts struck me

Of rich and poor sat here.

One consumed by riches

The other gripped by fear.

Two separate worlds had gathered

In this same beauty spot

One where no hardship dwelled

The other not a jot -

Of comfort and extravagance

To give to those they love

This had not gone unnoticed

By the Father up above

He has a heart for widows

For orphans too He said

Must all be cared for lovingly

They must be clothed and fed.

To the rich he gave this warning

Don’t store in barns on earth

But use your money wisely

On those things that have true worth

You cannot take it with you

Not room in heaven for gold –

That comes from earthly riches

That can’t be bought or sold.

So let us spend our time here

Aware of needs around

For those who now sow freely

In glory will be crowned.

In heaven there are no rich or poor

In Christ’s eyes all the same.

So let us love them all

And bless them in His name.