Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Valleys and Mountains



In life it’s not long ere you discover

There are mountains and valleys and hills,

The going is seldom on even ground,

But a struggle with feelings and wills.

We long for a time when things level out,

And the mountains reduce to a plain,

Or the summit is reached and the climb is behind,

Along with the tears and the pain.

Yet the Lord says” Look not to the mountain,

For it’s awesome, frightening and bare,

Turn your eyes up to Me; I’m greater you’ll see,

Than the obstacle standing there.

My promise to you is not for a walk

Which is easy, and smooth and wide.

But the path that you take is narrow and steep

With room just for Me by your side.

Yet we travel that path together,

For I am the guide of your life.

And the hope that We share, is when We reach there

No more will you know such strife.

Don’t be dismayed by the valleys,

With sides that are dark and steep.

Don’t be concerned and feel all hemmed in,

For haven’t I promised to keep

Your footsteps beside still waters,

Your eyes on pastures green,

For on mountain tops high, which reach to the sky,

Such plenty is never seen”.

For a valley is always a place where we grow,

Life is evident, fresh and new.

It’s a place that is watered by springs and rain,

And the daily anointing of dew.

The valley’s a place of protection,

Sheltered from wind and storm,

A place of shade and shadow,

Yet I stay just to keep you warm.

It’s not a place to be dreaded,

Or a depth, which you don’t want to go,

For the food is sweet, if you stop to eat.

And My Presence you’ll surely know