Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Unlimited Resources


            We went to town last week to do some bits and bobs.

Nothing in particular, although there was one job.

When we had a grandson we saved up our loose cash

And once in a while when there’s enough, to the bank we dash.

We did the same one Saturday, and as we stood in line

A thought dropped into my head, that there would come a time

When Zach would be quite old enough to know he had a sum

That bit by bit had mounted up and then the time would come

When with his bank book in his hand he’d draw some money out

He didn’t have to worry, he didn’t have to doubt.

While too young to understand, or even be aware,

Resources are building up from those who love and care.

It didn’t depend on what he did, the kind of boy he was,

The money was simply there, I have to say, because-

His Gran and Granddad love him just the way he is,

He didn’t have to earn it; the fact is, it was his-

To do with as he wanted, to spend it his own way,

We wouldn’t dictate just where it went, we wouldn’t have a say.

So we’ll go on saving, until the time is right

And when we hand it over we’ll share in his delight.

This got me kind of thinking how just like life this is?

A truth that stares us in the face, and yet can so easily miss.

That in our name a bank account is there in time of need,

To draw upon, to benefit, if the truth of God we heed.

He says to me in weakness, His strength will make me strong.

When I mess up, do stupid things, do something that is wrong,

For me there is forgiveness, a massive stash of grace,

But I must go and draw it out, if the future I will face.

The Father paid a huge sum in sending us His Son,  

It seems so sad to waste it, with all that He has done.

When next you go into a bank to draw some money out

Remember all that Fathers done, you never need to doubt.

If in any way you lack, in spirit or in soul

It need not forever stay that way; He wants to make you whole.

You may not realise in Him how rich you really are.

It’s something that’s not measured by size of house or car.

It’s also not dependant on how much is in the bank

As a son or daughter of the King it is how high you rank.

If Father owns the cattle upon a thousand hills

Then all is at His disposal, and can give it as He wills.

So never think you’re wanting, or have a need that goes unmet

We are heirs to the King of all, this we never should forget.