Nature and Faith in Images and Words

The Two Hardest Words


There are words in our language that are hard to pronounce
There are some which are harder to spell
And some so familiar they roll off the tongue
Words that we know so well

We have words that describe the way that we feel
To explain just the person we are.
Phrases sum up our opinion of folk,
That express to them that we care.

Descriptions are used to tell of a scene
That we visited when abroad.
We excitedly tell of a bargain we had
Buying something we could afford

Then we give reasons of why we did this,
Or our actions, caused us to do that.
It might be a jumper we liked the look of,
Or for a wedding we purchased a hat.

Can we remember a day go by
When never a word that we spoke?
Silence for us is unnatural and strange,
For we're generally socially folk.

Yet sometimes we hear of people we know
Who have fallen out with each other.
It's sometimes between brothers and sisters -
Or worse, between father and mother.

Some words were spoken that cut to the quick,
That once uttered could not be retrieved.
A rift was created, an unbridgeable gap
At least that's the lie they believed.

Years go by not a word was spoken
The distance between them grows
In fact it is possible so long has time past
If you ask, nobody knows -

The reason behind the silence
Why one does not speak to the other
The matter could so easily be solved
But nobody seems to bother.

As I said at the start we have different words
Some seem so hard to tell
But it isn't always the length of the words
Or the fact that we cannot spell.

There comes a time when we refuse to admit
That we are in the wrong
We only need to speak two words
Yet it seems to take so long.

You see, those two little words are the hardest two words
And by some are never spoken
And because these two words are the hardest two words
Many relationships remain broken.

What are those two words? the hardest two words?
Do we really need to worry?
Well yes, we do, for those two little words
Are just simply "I'm sorry".