Nature and Faith in Images and Words



It’s in every conversation that we seem to have each day

We have to comment on it no matter what we say

There are sayings all about it, we blame it for our ills.

Sometimes it makes us boiling hot and other times it chills

But the British are famous for it, so we’ll look at it this week

Each day will be quite different – on the weather I will speak.

I love extremes of weather, of record breaking stuff,

Both hottest and coldest temperatures and enjoy the sea when rough,

But the ultimate experience, at least the one I like the best

Is the noisiest spectacular that puts the bravest to the test.

I mean of course a thunderstorm where skies light with every flash

And animals cower in corners at the sound of every crash.

Such a display of power is hard to comprehend

How something so enormous can such energy expend.

We are told a flash of lightening can a city energise,

Yet can come so suddenly, we are caught out in surprise.

I love to gaze up heavenward and marvel at this show,

It tells me of a mighty God someone so vast to know.

The sound of it is awesome; it shakes the house I’m in,

You simply can’t ignore it; it’s making such a din.

Yet in the midst of all the power one fact I can’t dismiss,


Is in the greatness of its Maker, He is mine and I am His.