Nature and Faith in Images and Words

The Evenings are Drawing In



I love the start of summer

With days that are long and hot.

The memory of the winter’s cold

Is something almost forgot?

For in those dark short days

We feel low and restricted,

Then spring comes round the corner

And our spirits feel so lifted.


The energy we feel within

Seems like the sap, to rise.

I do enjoy those daylight hours,

Plus, the sun high in the sky.

There’s time to do the gardening

When coming home from work,

Or, on the bike for a quick ride,

No hint of winter murk


We’re woken in the mornings

By the sound of singing birds.

They sing their very hearts out

Determined to be heard.

Everywhere there’s colour

No matter where you look.

As if God used every shade there was

In His great painting book.


The month of May has more treats

Than all the months before.

All around the island

There’s migrant birds galore.

Each sporting brand new feathers,

Their mate they must impress.

Then butterflies come on the scene

They too - in fancy dress.


All of this continues

At such a frantic pace,

It’s as if a clock is ticking,

And all are in a race.

For so they are, it’s true to say

As each day comes and goes,

The urgency grows greater,

As the daylight hours grow.


It’s well known in my family

Come June just what I’ll say,

Because it happens every year

Following the longest day.

It’s fact, there’s no denying it,

Yet there’s a knowing grin-

When I come out with my annual phrase,

“The evenings are drawing in.”


The evenings are drawing in,

With a feeling that starts to sink.

But as I do, a little voice -

Says something that makes me think,

I’m reminded of a time to come,

When the sun will forever shine.

No dark and dismal winter days,

Or passing years or time.


I will no longer be able to say

The evenings are drawing in.

You will however see me

With a massive infectious grin.

No cloud, or rain, no wind or snow.

Just endless sunny days -

Will be my portion evermore,

As I sing my Redeemers praise!