Nature and Faith in Images and Words

The Dying Thief



The key in the lock turned slowly, then the bolts slid aside with a snap.

The light of the dawn filtered into the cell, and the prisoner awoke from his nap.

Manhandled and shackled led away with a push, to be scourged till the flesh fell off,

Staggering through the streets with the cross, where everyone turned out to scoff. 

He knew this would be his last day on earth; he’d been sentenced to die for theft.

They said he had only himself to blame, there were no excuses left.

Out of the city and onto a hill, there were three of them staggering now. 

The one in the center collapsed in a heap, a man was pulled out from the crowd. 

They had reached the place of the skull by now; they were laid on their crosses each one.

With nails driven deep through the hands and the feet, the soldier’s job was done. 

They sat back and watched the spectacle there, just waiting for each man to die,

One of the thieves started mocking the Christ, the other joined in with the cry.” 

You saved so many, even a few days ago, you were making the lame to walk.

Yet here you are nailed just like us, was that all just empty talk?” 

Then one of the thieves fell silent, he looked Jesus straight in the eye, 

Read the inscription nailed above him, then, not from pain, he began to cry.

 ” We deserve everything that has come our way, it’s right we are sentenced to die.

But this man is innocent, pure and divine, his kingdom belongs on high. 

The pain by now was searing, he knew that the end would come soon.

Then darkness covered the whole of the city, yet the time was only noon. 

He turned once again to Jesus; a whisper was all that came out. 

Yet a whisper was all that was needed, he didn’t need to shout.” 

Remember me in your kingdom, when you enter,” was his plea. 

” Today when I enter paradise, you too will be with me.

The Saviour is still repeating the call; the offer is to you and to me. 

At Easter time we’re reminded again, of the price that He paid on the tree.

There were two thieves who died with Jesus; there was one who said, “yes I believe.” 

Because of his faith and repentance, eternal life he received.  

You too can say yes to Jesus, his arms are extended wide,

He welcomes you into his kingdom where forever you too will reside.