Nature and Faith in Images and Words

The Countdown to Christmas



‘Twas towards the end of August,

When I saw the first Christmas card,

I had come from the beach; the sun was quite hot,

Every thought of that season was barred.

I was hanging my bathers and towel on the line,

I was hoping over night they would dry,

“I won’t be forced at this time of year

To think of Christmas” I cried.

September came next and it brought no great shock,

When I opened the Press and I read,

Page upon page of menus and facts,

Of where you can go and be fed.

There are luncheons and buffets, dinner and dance,

Black tie was an option too,

If you don’t book now come Christmas Day,

You can only look forward to stew!

Before we knew it October was here,

The leaves on the trees start to fall,

But down at Le Bordage a man was out,

Climbing a ladder so tall.

There were lights to erect, Santa and sleigh,

Even the nativity scene,

In October I thought, what a sad state he’s in,

The haste seemed a little obscene.

Bonfire night came with its pops and its bangs,

People setting fire to their cash,

I thought to myself late night opening is next,

It will be here in just a flash.

So how many days before Christmas are left?

How much have you got to do –

Before the big day arrives as it will,

I guess there are still quite a few?

Let’s get depressed as I read out the list,

Of what still lies ahead,

If you get all this done by Christmas day,

You’ll only be fit for bed.

There’s still the odd card that has to be sent,

The presents are still to wrap,

Tree lights are playing up again,

And my nerves are ready to snap.

I must get the turkey from M & S,

And I’ll get the other bits too,

Like cold meat and salad, Christmas cake, pud,

And I think I’m getting the flu.

I won’t bother with crackers, they weren’t that great,

They looked a little bit flat,

Gran can’t get the jokes, and she jumps when they crack,

And mum looks so daft in her hat,

I must order the cream and double the milk,

I’ll probably do one more shop.

When Christmas day comes and the family arrives,

I’ll only be fit to drop.

We make all our lists, fulfil all our tasks,

And do so much to prepare,

For this annual event that leaps from the page,

I wonder if we would dare –

Put all this aside and spend time instead,

Preparing ourselves for the One,

Who gave us Christmas, this season we love,

And the gift of His dear Son.

He too had a list of things on His mind,

He knew He had to get done,

There were things to plan and make ready,

Before Jesus Christ could come.

A willing couple had to be found,

Someone who wouldn’t shirk,

Simply being obedient, humble and true,

If the plan of salvation would work.

A star had to be made, that at just the right time,

Would lead the kings to the child,

The heavenly choir was summoned to sing,

To the shepherds who on the hills toiled,

If you look in the Bible and see God’s plan,

You’ll find it went back many years,

All during that time, God was at work,

To take away all our fears.

You see Christ is not just for Christmas,

He must be in all that we do,

I’ve found that He’s made such a difference,


Tonight – how about you?