Nature and Faith in Images and Words

The Clematis and the Oak



The Gardener stood with his hand outstretched, and in it held a seed,

A closer look revealed to me it wasn’t any weed.

For in his grasp I clearly saw an acorn small and round,

I wondered for a moment the reason why he found -

The need to have this item, so common, so well known.

But he said to me, you wait and see, until it’s fully grown.

Into the ground the acorn went, t’was tended with such care,

Yet what seemed to me like endless months, the soil remained so bare.

But then one day I saw a shoot emerge above the soil,

The Gardener too had noticed it, but never ceased to toil.

He weeded, feeded, kept an eye on what was now an oak,

The ground around was kept so clean, this seedling mustn’t choke.

And then he stretched his hand again; I leant forward so I could see-

The tiny seed inside his grasp was as small as small could be.

He said this was a special seed that needed extra care,

It couldn’t go in open ground that now was cold and bare.

It went inside the glasshouse where conditions were just right.

The Gardener gave it water, and he gave it heat and light.

It too began to germinate into a plant so fair.

Eventually it too was placed outside in the fresh air.

The years went by unnoticed, the oak and plant did well,

The tree grew tall and handsome, the clematis, a beautiful smell.

Then something happened gradually, that no one seemed to see,

The plant and tree grew bit by bit until it came to be-

The plant reached out and grasped the oak and both grew up together,

They soon became inseparable, that no matter what the weather -

The oak gave to the flower support, and strength, protective cover.

The plant brought scent and beauty as they entwined each other.

I met the Gardener recently; we spoke of this and that.

It didn’t take so very long that we began to chat –

About the tree before us, and the beauty of the shrub.

I pointed out those two were one, and what an awful job –

That we would have to separate the two now joined together.

He said that wasn’t in the plan, and had I thought that whether –

When he had planted both those seeds he had upon his mind,

That if he grew them close enough together they would bind.

We meet today together,  not because of chance.

It isn't a coincidence that tonight bride and groom will dance -

Together as wife and husband, that two become as one.

The Gardener planned it years ago, today, it has been done.

God brought you both together, a woman and a man,

We are not here by accident; it’s all part of His plan.

Marriage brings so many strengths; and challenges with it too,

But as you start this step together there’s one thing you must do,

And that is like our story of the oak tree and the flower,

If you hold each other closely  you will have such power.

Let God who brought you both together, who tended plants and earth –

Give you both a marriage that you agree is worth –

More than any money, more than life apart.

I urge you both with every day you give your life, your heart –

Each unto to the other, may you both be ever true,

These five words speak daily, "I really do love you".