Nature and Faith in Images and Words



Tonight I watched the sun go down,

In shades of burning red.

The day had ended as it came

With all the island fed,

And as I walked along the road

The lights in homes came on, 

Within the windows as I passed,

Sat people labours done.

To them it was a normal day

No tragedy or fear

Had knocked upon their door,

No mortars falling near,

Bird song and the high pitched cheep

Of grasshopper heard,

Nor the sound of weeping

Was the evening stillness stirred.

A bed for them was waiting,

Which would surely give them rest,

Not bloodstained by a victim

With shrapnel in their chest.

They drank their cup of coffee

With water that was clean.

Not from a dried up river

Where snipers could be seen,

To them the sound of shooting

Was a million miles away,

For them there just had ended

Another normal day.

But as I watched the sun go down,

The truth just dawned on me;

Another day had started

For a people not so free.

The things we take for granted,

We look on as our right,

For them a daily battle

Which silently they fight.

For them no singing of a bird

No opening of a flower,

But a never-ending nightmare

As they struggle for the power.

To live their lives the way we do,

Travel just at will,

To eat a meal in such a way

That all may have their fill.

The life they seek for children,

Who have never ever played,

Is something so elusive

It’s yet to be displayed.

The world can look so different

Depending where you live,

The sunset can be beauty


Depending where you live.