Nature and Faith in Images and Words



It's in every conversation that we seem to have each day

We have to comment on it no matter what we say

There are sayings all about it, we blame it for our ills.

Sometimes it makes us boiling hot and other times it chills

But the British are famous for it, so we’ll look at it this week

Each day will be quite different – on the weather I will speak.


I’ve kept the best till last I think that you will all agree,

That out of all the features it’s this one we like to see,

Its presence cheers the heart for sure; on our face it puts a smile,

It’s great for sitting out in at least for a short while.

We all feel better for it, when we’ve had a bit of sun,

I’m always saddened by the fact that summer’s come and gone.

Again I see a miracle each time I see this star

Not just for the warmth it gives us but when I consider how far-

It is away from us and yet it’s presence feel

If no sun was ever to shine again the earth would be as cold as steel.

Yes too far away and we would freeze, too close and we would fry,

Yet where it is is so precise way up in the sky.


It isn’t just coincidence the place that it is found

Such measurement is so exact the figures do astound,

It’s so much bigger than the moon, the distance greater too,

Yet when in time just now and then it can be hid from view.

Do you remember the eclipse ‘Twas awesome don’t you think,

Yet greater far the one who made it, I hope you see the link.


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