Nature and Faith in Images and Words



It’s in every conversation that we seem to have each day

We have to comment on it no matter what we say

There are sayings all about it, we blame it for our ills.

Sometimes it makes us boiling hot, and other times it chills

But the British are famous for it, so we’ll look at it this week

Each day will be quite different – on the weather I will speak.

Even though I’m adult, excitement starts to rise

When snow and ice are forecast I eagerly scan the skies.

This year was quite a good one, for the lovely white, cold stuff.

The only one regret I had, was there wasn’t quite enough.

It only stayed a day or two, and then in no time all was gone

Because it was a work day I couldn’t have much fun.

I did take lots of photos, for a memory of the day.

Everything looked so different, oh why could it not stay?

A few more days, perhaps a week, it really wouldn’t hurt

But no, it soon began to disappear, and left a load of dirt.

Yet every snow flakes different, it’s hard to take it in..

How can each one vary? Where does one begin? – 

To try and understand it, to reason, fathom out.

It tells me of a great Creator, I really have no doubt.

And if He takes such trouble with every single flake

Then let me tell each one of you there can be no mistake-

That you are not here by accident, a random act of fate.


God has a plan for each of us…look up, it’s not too late.