Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Sitting Alone


You're sitting alone in your favourite chair,
Enjoying the comfort and light.
Where all that surrounds you is familiar and loved,
The pictures, the décor just right.
It's taken you ages to make it this way,
Much money and time has been spent.
The furniture, carpets, selected by you,
They all even carry your scent.

You feel safe and secure in what is your home,
You know it from ceiling to floor,
The stain on the cushion, the burn on the rug,
Even the chip on the door.
You know it so well that even at night
Your hand can go straight to the switch.
In fact if it fails to light when you want,
The matches are found without hitch.

Because it's familiar you never think twice,
One day it could suddenly end,
You take it for granted the years that have passed
Will continue like a lifelong friend
Life has a habit of being the same,
It gets familiar and snug,
Yet by personal experience without giving a clue,
Somebody pulls on the rug.

You're up in the air, then falling back down,
Not knowing at all where you'll land.
When you think you have hit rock bottom at last,
You alas find it's sinking sand.
And then you descend in a place you've not known,
Where all is black and cold.
No switch to be found, no scent that you know,
It's worse than you've ever been told.

Nothing prepares you for this kind of place,
Though advice and knowledge abound!
That's not what you want, and it's not what you need,
It's friends, who seem thin on the ground.
In the midst of it all, though it's hard to see,
Is an undeniable trace.
That God has allowed it all in His plan,
In His house it has its place.

It may not be the house that we know,
It might not be the one we would choose.
But He promises us that all of these things
For His glory He's going to use.
I don't always like the "house" that I'm in,
The rooms are not ones that I know.
But He leads me along one step at a time
So by faith not by sight I will go.