Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Psalm 121


The city is silent as her people sleep

No need for a sentry, or a watch to keep,

The gates are now closed, for all is secured,

Each person is safe and kept by their Lord.

No yawn comes from Him, no eyelid will close,

Not a quick 40 winks, not even a doze.

Their Guardian is watchful, He will not sleep.

His presence assures them their rest will be deep.

And as the sky lightens to signal the dawn,

The chill of the night gives way to the morn,

Upon each street strikes the heat of the day,

Yet with His Right hand the burning gives way

To the coolest of shade that will cause no hurt,

His protection complete, His eyes always alert.

When the citizens travel in ones or in two's,

Their feet never slip, their way never lose,

They find even in travelling He goes before,

Not only the Pathway but also the door.

It's not for a moment, not e'en for a day

But both now and forever, today and alway.

And this God of Israel pledges to you

That what He did then, today He'll do too.

He's as watchful as ever, and guards o'er your life

Protecting, surrounding, in good and in strife,

The sun may burn hot, the moon may wax cold,

Still His Right Hand upholds you strong and bold,

The Keeper of lives, a Covenant Lord,

The One who never goes back on His Word,

As you lift up your eyes to the hills far away


           Be assured of His presence, and in His rest stay.