Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Only One Touch


A woman was shuffling along the road,

Her face was aged and lined.

Well known by those who lived near to her,

As the woman who no cure could find.

A lifetime of bleeding had been her lot

From doctor to doctor she went.

One by one they shook their heads,

Till all of her money was spent.

Forbidden to worship in church each week,

Looked down on as being unclean.

Ashamed to be seen in the state she was in,

The nicknames were really obscene.

Desperate and willing to try anything,

Every potion and herb had failed.

“Am I to die in this terrible state?”

“Is this for life?” she wailed.

For 12 long years she had been in this mess,

In fact, worse, not better she grew,

So many treatments had been tried out on her,

They had run out of things to do.

One day a rumour was doing the rounds

Of a man was who was raising the dead.

If He can do that she thought to herself,

What about the 12 years I’ve bled?

So she set out to find this miracle man,

It was easier than she could have thought.

A huge crown was gathered who pushed and shoved.

Then a scribe who to Jesus talked,

Something about a sick daughter he said,

“Please could you come straight away?”

“Oh no!” – she thought, “I’ll miss my chance,

If he sees me He’ll turn me away.”

Her mind was made up, it was now or never.

She dropped to her knees and pushed through.

“If I can touch the hem of His cloak

I know that is all I need do”.

With a trembling hand and an outstretched arm,

She grasped an inch of his hem.

In an instant she felt the healing power flow,

Her blood was immediately stemmed

“Who touched me!” the Master shouted out.

“Someone touched me just now – did you see?”

The disciples ridiculed Him and they said –

“There’s a crowd all around – don’t YOU see?”

“I’ve power gone out of me, I know for a fact,

Where did it go, who was healed?”

The woman realized she had to own up,

So in front of the Master she kneeled.

He wasn’t cross or condemning of her,

He said that her faith made her whole.

It wasn’t just the bleeding He stopped,

That day He had saved her soul.

Whatever you come with to Jesus today,

Be sure that He loves you so much.

Reach out to Him now, He’s waiting for you.

Remember – it takes just one touch!