Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Lord When Did You Know?


As You brought into being this world of ours
The seas and the earth, birds, animals, flowers,
How far did You look down the road of time?
When you fashioned each leaf of the very first vine.
What did You think as the stars shone above?
Was the moon created simply for love?
And did the sun shine just to give off its heat?
Is the reason for animals just for their meat?
As I look at creation, it’s not answers I find,
Things didn’t evolve; they were part of a plan,
Right there in Genesis, the redemption of man

When You made that first tree did your eye shed a tear?
Did You see the time when your Son would hang there?
Were You tempted to make the bark of soft wood –
To ease His pain just as a father would?
As You added the thorns to the desert bush
Did You think of the time the soldiers would push –
Them into the brow of your precious Son?
Did You ever regret just what You had done?
When You laid the foundations with iron ore
Could You see the nails, which in His hands tore?
Was it painful to You, could Your tender heart feel
The stab of the spear with its tip of steel?

At the beginning of time when You made all these things
Did You stop to consider the pain it would bring,
Why was manmade, if You knew he would slay –
The dear Son of God, some dark evil day.
As You fashioned each stone as though it was hewn,
When did You realise it was for a tomb?
When You planted that garden for man to dwell,
Did You think of Gethsemane, and the road to Hell –
That Jesus would enter to take my place,
To carry my shame, to bear my disgrace?

For You gave the thorns, the nails and the tree,
And left them with man knowing how they would be –
Used as instruments to kill your Son.
But yet, as I ponder it, Your will was done.
You loved us completely, You could not forego
The work of creation if You, we would know.
I can’t understand such love, so great.
A love so much greater than a world full of hate.
A Creator who saw before time began
Exactly the way the gulf to span
Between Him and I, the gain the loss,
For without a tree there could be no Cross,
Without a Cross no forgiveness of sin,
But because of the Cross, I have Him within.