Nature and Faith in Images and Words



 Loneliness is …………..


An empty chair

A silent telephone

No car coming up the drive

Being in a room of laughter

Having the only abnormal child

Seeing a mother pushing a pram

Another day with the postman passing by

No longer having a key turning in the lock

Watching a football match from a wheelchair

Waking Christmas morning to an empty house

Being told someone younger will be doing your job

Seeing the outside world but being too

Frightened to enter it.



Did you know  …………


Jesus knows all about loneliness

He was a refugee

Rejected by all His family

He lost His father early in life

He was deserted by every one of His friends

He was misunderstood and driven out of church

Although surrounded by people yet He was totally alone on the cross

He is always close to those who dwell in loneliness

He is no different to you; allow Him to share in your loneliness today

Your loneliness is one that He fully understands and does not condemn you for it

Although He has allowed you to know this experience


It is not designed for us to dwell permanently in it.