Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Leave All Your Belongings Behind


I was sitting alone on the aeroplane

When the air steward began to speak.

I’d heard it before, about overhead lockers, 

And the life jacket under the seat.

How to put it on and do up the straps. 

Inflate it when outside the craft.

The whistle to blow, the light that would come on.

The doors that were fore and aft.

But then she said something that made me sit up,

It struck me as though the first time - 

These words had been spoken, yet I am sure 

I had oft heard this single line.

She spoke of us leaving the aircraft in haste

And she no doubt meant to be kind

But the words that she spoke were simply this...

“Leave all your belongings behind”.

“Leave all your belongings behind”, she said

For me that meant nothing at all.

I had no luggage with me you see.

Yet for others it would be a hard call.

There were some with computers, and briefcases full –

Of things so hard to replace.

Others with weeks of clothing onboard

To lose them would be a disgrace.

“Leave all your belongings behind” 

Is something we may never have done.

Yet a lot of our lives are spent, you’ll agree,

Just thinking of number one.

Accumulating things that hold value for us,

Fulfilling a want or desire.

We have often mentioned what we would grab

If our house should ever catch fire.

Because just as the air steward put it,

“Leave all your belongings behind”.

That’s how it will be at life’s ending,

You may think it a little unkind.

Yet the Bible so clearly puts it,

“Lay not up your treasures on earth”.

For when we face our Maker

None of this has any worth

But lay up treasure in Heaven

Where no rust can corrupt, or thief steal

Don’t hanker for things that have little value,

Spend time on things that are real.

We can get so hooked on the here and now,

Then give no heed to the there and then.

Yet there’s coming a day for everyone here

A time that is nearer than when – 

We first got up this morning

Much nearer than we like to admit,

When we have to face the Saviour

And explain what we did with our bit.

Let us hold on to the world much lighter,

Its attractions lay to one side.

We need to live closer to Jesus.

In Him we need to abide.

“Leave all your belongings behind” is the call.

It will happen to us, ready or not.

Let’s strive for the crown that awaits us,

And not dwell on the things that just rot.