Nature and Faith in Images and Words



I looked at the garden and had a thought,

Was a simple brief glimpse of the past

I remembered the time I could dig at will,

For long periods, satisfactorily fast.

The day, it never seemed long enough

To get all the toils and jobs done,

Rising at dawn, and working straight through

Till the last of the light had gone.

What a sense of achievement was felt

When looking back on the day,

As I got ready to sleep at night

T'was with contentment on the pillow I lay.

Today as I look at the garden,

With the tasks that lay there undone,

I wonder if somewhere within

Lies the strength to complete just one.

To do it without strain or injury

Is the most one has learnt to hope.

No longer the sense of achievement,

But the knowledge that at least I coped.

If I lay down at night and sleep

Even that is a blessing to me

At last I can sink into oblivion,

From the frustration, I'm temporally free.

I remembered the times when I preached the word

With a passion for souls that were lost.

When Family worship was churned out each month,

How I lived for these times the most.

As one of the elders was a joy I would treasure,

A privilege to be part of the team.

Teaching the children all the new songs,

Seeing them free and so keen.

Each day was a blessing with God by my side,

There was always a song on my mind.

From meeting to meeting, and week to week,

This routine was never a bind.

Today as I think of my witness and walk,

It fails to equal the past.

No longer the desire to study the Word,

Not for me a day long fast.

Prayer just exists at the start of each day,

Even Grace is sometimes missed.

Sharing the Lord with those who are lost

Has been swapped for a "Things to do list".

I know in one sense, my doing has stopped.

That being is all I can do.

Yet, what is the sense in pretending?

To myself, I have to be true.

The lesson I hope I am learning,

As I'm forced to stop and rest.

Is it's human to want to be active,

That's good, but not necessarily best.

God gives us the strength to tackle each day,

In the way which He appoints.

"My grace is made perfect in weakness,” He says,

In living by faith He anoints-

The little I do compared with before,

When so much was done just for Me!

I needed to come to an end of myself,

If His Glory in me folks would see.

Frustration is hard work and exhausting,

It consumes all the peace God would give.

There's a time and a place for grieving the past,

Yet we must move forward and live-

The day which the Lord has given to us,

To give what we have, yes, the lot,

Not saying,” if only, I wish, why me?"

But appreciate what we have got.

For yeast in the bread makes the whole to rise,

A sprinkling of salt gives food taste.

We can trust the Lord, that what comes our way,

                  He promises never to waste