Nature and Faith in Images and Words



       There aren’t many things in life that are fun

That are great to do on your own.

We all need friends to play with at school,

You can't speak to yourself on the phone.

Pogs can't swap themselves you need friends-

Who will give the ones that you still need to get,

A day on the beach with only yourself,

Is so dull, you'll not even get wet.

In the playground alone, with bullies you dread,

And your heart is pounding with fear,

That's the time when you value the friend that you have,

That's the time when you need someone near.

If you've heard a great joke, and had a good laugh,

There needs to be someone to tell,

If you're lying in bed with mumps or the flu,

It helps when they say, "Please get well!"

When you get older, and life knocks you about,

And sorrow abounds in good measure,

It's then that it matters you've kept in touch

With those friendships that you really treasure.

You see, a true friend is one who is there

In joy, in pain, and in sorrow.

They were there yesterday, they are with you today,

And for certain will be there tomorrow.

The greatest example of friendship we have,

Is shown in the life of our Saviour.

For with Him is no changing of feelings and moods,

No demands, that we owe Him a favour.

His love is the same regardless of us,

It varies not day for day.

All that He asks, is we love Him back too,


Then forever within us He'll stay.