Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Foolish Things


God uses the things that are foolish

So often to puzzle the wise,

They think they know all they need to know,

But oh, how they’re in for a surprise,

For the things that seem so simple,

So little and lowly and poor

Are the things that God often uses,

Not those who are proud and tall.

For in Gods plan for His Kingdom,

He ordained long ago,

That it’s not how great or important you are,

But how close to the Saviour you grow

To say we believe in a Saviour,

Who died on a tree long ago,

Brings a frown, or a shake of the head, or a laugh,

For to them we really don't know

The things that truly do matter,

The bomb, or famine, or flood,

To them as long as these things exist

There cannot be time for God.

For to believe in Him really is foolish,

To pray, and to fast, and to plead.

They only can see what is on the T.V.

And are blind to their real need.

It appears beyond human logic,

When everything seems to go wrong,

To lift up our eyes, and say, "Praise the Lord",

In order for faith to grow strong.

For people get so discouraged,

When their lives fall into a mess.

Yet we believe what He told us,

That everything works for our best.

For God uses the things that foolish,

Those things that seem far from good sense,

To bring out the fruit that is sweet to the taste,

In the people the world think are dense.

I thank God that I am foolish,

That to the world what I believe is mad.

I believe in a Saviour, a Lord, a Creator,

Who truly makes me glad.

To be wise as the Bible sees it,

Is to turn our back on those things

That the world would hanker after,

The love that the pop stars sing,

For the love that I know is far richer,

And deeper, which money can't buy.

There's also the promise that says

If I trust Him, I'll live with Him when I die,   

So you see, to be laughed at and different,

Is really no hardship at all.

For by being to them so foolish

                  I really am wisest of all.