Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Fallen Leaves


The winter is always so wet and dark
With days that are long and bleak.
Everything seems so dead and bare
That some comfort we have to seek.
We look for the sign that marks the turn
Of the sun on its southward track,
That glimmer of light at 5 o’clock
Means that spring will soon be back.

The first shoots of life emerge from the trees,
Then the daffodils burst into bloom.
At just the same time the willow’s flower comes,
It means that the rest will come soon.
The swallows arrive, and the dawn chorus sings,
There is now so much to see;
April has gone, and May has arrived
With leaves covering every tree.

But up came the wind, it blew through the night,
By morning t’ was plain to all.
That due to the force of the wind and the rain,
Those lovely young leaves did fall.
The roads and gutters were strewn with debris,
With leaves that barely were born.
So filled with potential to cool and to shade,
Cast down, looking so forlorn.

Their purpose cut short by the force of the storm,
Till autumn they were destined to dress –
The branches that birthed them and held them in place,
Now their absence brought instant distress.
The beauty, the promise, the order, in fact -
The season we had come to expect,
Had come to an end that was premature.
There they were, fallen and wrecked!

I’m sure you know of folks – I certainly do,
That walked with the Lord when quite young.
The Word formed a major part of their life,
From outside they looked so strong.
But a storm came along, and blew them about
Until shortly thereafter they fell.
The road of life is strewn with such folk,
What a lesson their lives do tell.

They were full of potential, God was so real,
You looked at them feeling so sure
That nothing could shake the faith that they had,
There was nothing they couldn’t endure.
Yet somehow the enemy got in and worked
To cause doubt and confusion to rise.
The bait was taken, the loved one fell,
And blindness enveloped their eyes.

Have we given up hope, feeling despair?
Do we think they could never return?
Have they wandered too far, are they out of sight.
Does the hurt in our heart ever burn?
Remember the prodigal son, who left all,
He squandered his life for a time
Yet with all money gone, hungry, alone,
For home he began to pine.

As I look at the trees with a year gone by
There are leaves once again on the branch.
New life has emerged, the past is forgot,
It’s as if there’s a second chance.
We must not lose hope for the loved one who fell.
Let us pray them back to the place,
Where forgiveness flows, acceptance is found,
Where God pours His mercy and Grace.

He as a Father is out on the road

He scans the horizon to see
The broken and contrite sinner return,
The one He had to watch flee.
The arms are stretched wide, can you see His tears flow,
His heart, can you hear skip a beat?
There they are, they’re on the way back.
The Father, He runs to greet.

He didn’t give up, and neither should we,
Let us claim them again for His crown.
We’ll continue to hold them in the arms of our faith
Until the final sunset goes down.
Have you a loved one who has wandered away?
Do you grieve, have you shed many tears?
Then give them to Jesus, He died for each one.
He can restore the years –
The locusts have eaten. Those times of waste
He can use everything we thought lost.
So trust Him, and claim them, they’re precious each one.
That’s why Jesus paid such a cost.