Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Faithful God


The rain I thought would never stop,
Incessantly it poured,
Until mid winter came along,
Then sufficient had been stored.
Our reservoirs were fully stocked,
The streams were at full flow,
Restrictions had been lifted,
The hosepipe ban could go.
But how many wondered, stood amazed
At the fact the rain had come?
How many stopped to thank the Lord
For all that He had done?
The rain was sent, but not too much,
The earth He did not flood.
His promise had been kept again
He is a Faithful God

Across the harbour wall I looked,
Where many folks had gathered,
Predictions had been made that tides,
Would rise above the standard.
The wind was east, the pressure high,
As shops made their precautions.
The roads were closed, diversions made,
You could almost feel the tension.
But as the hour came and went,
The tide began to fall.
How many praised the Lord
And on His name did call?
For He has set the boundaries,
Where He has said, they stood.
His promise had been kept again.
He is a Faithful God.

The sky was drawing in the night.
As a new sound I heard.
‘Twas not the noise of some machine,
But the singing of a bird.
To him a season had begun,
An urgency it brings,
To procreate, to find a mate,
That’s the reason why it sings.
The evidence is all around,
The earth’s about to waken
But does it turn our thoughts to God?
Do we find our conscience shaken?
He’s formed the seasons one by one,
They come in strict rotation,
Yet still the truth evades mankind,
To the Creator, not creation.
The wonder, joy and praise should go,
As flower comes from bud.
Another promise He has kept.
He is a Faithful God.

So should we doubt or worry,
Have anxious thoughts, concerns.
If the God we say we worship,
Tells us “From these lessons learn”.
For if He sends the rain in season,
Sets a limit on the tide.
If it’s Him who wakes the seasons,
Would we not be better to abide,
In the confidence that comes from knowing,
He will never let us go.
Rather, praise Him for His goodness,
Let the gratitude within us flow.
I can see that you agree,
For your heads you nod.
Every promise He has kept.
He is a Faithful God