Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Eagles Wings


The cliff face stood quite cold and bleak,

With rain splattered moss, bright green.

A windswept ledge was evident

As yet no sun was seen.

And perched upon this ledge so high,

Pressed hard against its side

Was an eagle resting patiently

Waiting for a thermal ride.

The lesson learnt when just a chick

Was wait for the sunrise.

This way the flight is effortless

To rise up in the skies.

It sometimes meant it couldn’t go

Just where and when it pleased.

Patience and understanding

Was the key to a life of ease.

For with the sun high in the sky

This bird knew it could soar

Without the need to struggle,

The need to flap, no more.

With wings outstretched

The thermals did the work

It came as second nature

This waiting had a perk.

The Bible teaches us

In words so plain and true

If we would know His strength

Then this we too must do.

To wait, and rest and keep our eye

Just where the Son turns up

That way we quickly learn to walk 

Or  run, and never  drop.

For those who wait upon the Lord

Shall renew their strength each day,

They will not faint or tire

If they let Him have His way.

So if you want to soar like eagles

The secret is not great.

If the Spirit is not moving you

Then simply wait, and wait.