Nature and Faith in Images and Words

Christmas Was Never Like This



How different this Christmas from the first long ago,
No cards, food and parties, lights, snow, mistletoe.
There were no lists of presents, which have to be bought.
The biggest and best tree did not need to be sought.

No hustle and bustle, no stress and tension,
To think, of the turkey there was never a mention.
No crackers, no pudding, and no Santa Claus,
No drinking and dancing that goes on without pause.

No stocking hung bulging at the foot of the bed,
Nor the sending of greetings, either spoken or read
The very first Christmas had no laden table,
Just a girl and a man in a smelly cold stable.

She, scared of the future, he loyal and true,
Both made aware of the child that was due.
No fairy lights twinkle, just a solitary star,
No family around them, only men from afar.

The child born to be king, yet not with a throne,
In a place of hostility, not in his own home.
Yet he came and brought peace, hope, love and great joy.
How much do we owe to the birth of this boy?

I know that first Christmas was never like this,
Yet with him as your Saviour you will never need miss-
The true meaning of Christmas, his peace and his joy,
For he’s now King of Kings, no longer a boy.

Bring the Christ back to Christmas, it’s where He belongs, 
That’s the reason we’ve gathered, why we’ve sung all these songs.
If your life lacks true meaning, look no further than here,
Make welcome this Christmas, the Lord Jesus so dear