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Two Streams One River

Posted by Rod Ferbrache on October 3, 2009 at 2:25 PM


I was asked by my niece if I could write a piece for hers and Matt's wedding, I was of course honoured to do so.


Two streams began, they were both miles apart

Each not knowing the other was there,

So consumed by the journey they were travelling on

Life was fun, and without any care.

Though as time went by there were barriers to cross,

No brook is obstacle free

There were rocks and bends, waterfalls too,

Yet on the whole was plain to see 

Their way had direction as onward they flowed,

The water became deep and wide,

Twas only when looked from above you could see

They had gradually flowed side by side.


Then after a period of time had elapsed

A date in heaven was set.

Destined by God, no, not by man,

These two streams eventually met.

We see here today two streams have become

A river that flows into one,

The reason you see, is God had a plan,

T'would be easy to say Job Done.

Yet this is the start, not the end of the road

For Nikki and Matt have set out

On a journey together with God as their guide,

And His blessing there is no doubt.


Once water meets up you can't tear it apart,

You can't tell which drop came from where.

So too with a couple who God has made one,

It's not a haphazard affair.

He's committed to them; they're committed to Him

There are three in the marriage, not two.

Not a thing to take lightly, this is for life

When they say to each other I do.

I'm sure you like me would wish them both well,

Asking Him that their marriage be blest.

And forty years on still be able to say 

I think we have passed the test!



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