Nature and Faith in Images and Words

All For Our Best


It’s often we carry our loads of despair,
Worry and tension, sorrows and care.
In control of our problem, no matter how grim,
We fool everybody we think, how dim.

The Father designed us to give over to Him
Those things, which cause fear, and reason to sin.
We cannot cope on our own with life,
The temptations and heartaches bring endless strife,

They drag us down like a bag of wet sand,
We feel we can’t share it, no one understands.
Destined for nights that are sleepless and long,
Joyless and lonely, left out of the throng,

Yet life must go on, so we grit our teeth,
While breaking inside, and crying beneath-
The façade of calm, telling folk we can cope,
When the truth of the matter is we’ve abandoned all hope.

We haven’t fooled God, for He sees every heart,
He’s numbered each hair, and made every part.
Its He who designed which load we can bear.
The ones that get heavy He tells us to share.

“Bear each others burdens”, so says the Word.
But we often choose to ignore the Lord.
He says “Because I love you, cast it all on Me,
That’s the reason I hung on that rugged rough tree,

So that you don’t break under the weight of the load,
But reap your reward at the end of the road,
I give rest to the weary in the darkest of nights”.
So if you are struggling with life and its tests,
Remember He works it out all for our best.