Nature and Faith in Images and Words

About Me


 I am a happily married man, a proud father of two daughters, and an even prouder grandfather.

I am a Guernseyman born and bred and proud of what our island has to offer in terms of quality of life, the wonderful variety of habitats, and the friendliness and sense of community that is still part of island life.

I have always had an interest in nature, but never more so than when I started birdwatching. This passion has grown, and now encompasses teaching ornithology, wildlife, landscape, and macro photography.

When it comes to photography I love being out with my camera, looking for the perfect shot...yet to be taken!

My Poetry is something which has grown over recent years, following a period of clinical depression which seemed to be the catalyst to my writings. Most of my writing is Christian based. All of it is inspired by my Christian faith, and the world we live in. I have published a book of my poetry entitled "The Two Hardest Words". This book is available for purchase in my Canvas store.



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